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Become a volunteer linguistic organizer

Can you speak French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Tai, Hindi, Arabic or Korean?

Are you attracted by foreign languages?

Become a linguistic café organizer

The programme “Activity of linguistic meeting”, the Association for the promotion of activities and meetings in foreign languages offer you the possibility:

·        To improve your skills by increasing your knowledge of a foreign culture;

·        To be a representative of the language and culture of your country;

·        To contribute to the development of linguistic exchanges


Initiated by P.A.R.L.E Association in the mark of its linguistic activities, the organizer of linguistic meetings are called to present meetings of linguistic exchanges at school (or university, in some cases in cafés, trips, walks).

The linguistic organizers ensure voluntarily:

·        Conversation classes with students;

·        An initiation to the civilisation and culture of a country;

Potentially, a help to the preparation of diplomas or certificates of foreign languages

FLE Internship

You’re looking for a FLE internship of observation and practise of class

In initial or continuing training, Master, DAEFLE, the purpose of the internship of observation and practise of class is to allow you to acquire teaching methods and tools to present a class.


-        Wanting to complete an initial training or first teaching experience of FLE in front of a learning stranger public. 



The observation and practise internship is based on the reality of FLE class.

The intern realise observations and practices classes, ensure courses and make practical work.

To ensure us that the internship correspond to

Working group search of job

What are the aims of the working group?

To allow you to:

To get accustomed to the recruitment process.

To give you the keys of success a job interview avoiding the traps.

To exercise you to improve your impact with your recruitment consultant.

To whom is this working group for?

To those who:

Are involved tin an active search of job.

Are in activity and wish to be ready in case of an interesting opportunity

Are in a career change and will leave soon at the encounter of new recruitment consultant.

You will approach different aspects of job interview: the types of interviews and recruitment consultant, the stakes for both parts, the preparation to a job interview, the continuity, trick questions. The candidates participate actively through exercises of preparation and role-playing.


 Become organizer-speaker:

Is your native language not the French and you wish to teach yours to a motivated public?

PARLE Association propose you:

To put you in relation with individuals wishing to follow classes of languages.

To ensure classes at the home of interested people, at your home or at the Maison des associations.

To train you to educational methods to teaching languages.

To define tariff conditions directly with your students.

In compensation, you enrol yourself in P.A.R.L.E Association

To take action in the working groups proposed, according to your availabilities and your interests.

To be an active participant to its activities.


If you’re keen on sharing your culture and eager to teach your native language, if you’re motivated by the cultural associative life in the opening, tolerance and consideration of everyone, no more hesitation, get in touch with us.

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