Our address

PARLE Association

Maison des Associations

81 rue Saint Roch, 31400 Toulouse

 Underground Access: Line B St Agne SNCF

 BP N°116

31031 Toulouse Cedex 4


FLE Classes Foyer du May


14.00-15.30 French beginner

15.30-17.00 French advanced


14.00-15.30 French beginner

15.30-17.00 French advanced

Foyer du May see access map

 FLE Classes

Maison des Associations

Meeting room 19.1



13.30-15.00 French beginner

15.00-16.30 French advanced

 France Horizon


9.00-10.30 French beginner

10.30-12.00 French advanced



14.00-15.30 French beginner

15.30-17.00 French advanced


55,rue Grande Saint Michel 31400 Toulouse


9.00-10.30 French beginner

10.30-12.00 French advanced

 Salle Rancy

10,Rue Jean Rancy 31000 Toulouse


 Working groups of languagues and the reception of new arrivals take place in premises of the Maison des Associations, see access map.



Linguistic coffee

Working group conversation

All Wednesday except modification of last minute!


Practise all languages!

English – Spanish – French – Italian – Chinese – Portuguese – Arab – German …

Around a tea, coffee in a convivial atmosphere

Foyer du May 5,rue du May 31000 Toulouse

Host family volunteer

As you might know, P.A.R.L.E Association has for goal to boost and promote the teaching of foreign languages by setting up various busting working groups by native speakers in Toulouse.

To promote this cultural exchange from 2016, linguistics stays of learning French will be organised there.

Foreign students, studying French and coming from Italy, Poland, Belorussia, the Netherlands, and Germany… will stay for a week or two in our beautiful pink city.

To do that, we are looking for host families volunteers sensitive to the interest of what represent such an experience, wishing to make discover our culture, our language, our lifestyle.

To receive stranger students is an important commitment which necessitate to be open-minded, patience, tolerance, and desire to communicate and wish to share.

So if you feel the soul of a host, the desire to invest in an enriching multicultural exchange and participate to the project of these young students: don’t hesitate to contact us.

Saturday 11/06/2016

16.30-17.30 Arab

17.30-18.30 Chines

18.30-19.30 English

Saturday 18/06/2016

16.30-17.30 Italian

17.30-18.30 Russian

18.30-19.30 English

Saturday 25/06/2016

16h30-17h30 Arab

17h30-18h30 Spanich

18h30-19h30 English


Multilingual reception

Come to practise conversation and linguistic exchanges in all languages.

You will practise your favourite languages with all kind of participants.

At the reception, we will give you a badge from the language that you’re able to talk.

The room can host more than 100 people, the entrance is free:

Thursday, June 16, 2016


Room léonce Castelbou

22 rue Léonce Castelbou, 31000 Toulouse

Access Underground Compass line B

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